Saturday, March 6, 2010

Green Tips: Cereal Foil

Green Day people!! Rise and shine..
Ever wonder what to do with the foil once we have finished with the cereal? Or for mother with young children who need to throw away the milk packet after it has finished? Well, I just found out the following discovery by accident (after seeing the vegetables are unruly organized in the fridge's vege tab). We can actually use the foil/bag/aluminium packet to wrap the vegetables and fruits in the refrigerator.
Not only that it looks tidy, it seems to reduce the evaporation and condensation of the fruits ( Yes, they are alive and breathing while they are in the fridge!)
Now we can stretch the usage of these unbiodegradable materials just a little bit longer and help to save the Earth.
Happy Green Day!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Simple Basic Beauty Tips

I always adore pretty ladies that look so classy, polished but with almost no make up on but surely they must have done something that make them look so...breath taking. So for the benefit of the ladies I would like to share my observation on the simple and quick beauty tips that will surely make us look chic.

1. Fresh clean skin: Nothing tops this number 1 X-factor. A fresh beautiful clean skin is like a canvas and this is the key factor in looking beautiful. So invest in a basic skincare set: cleanser, toner, mosturizer with SPF15. And it doesn't really matter if it is not from high end skincare line but what most important is that the product suits your skin and always..always be consistent in your skincare routine. I would suggest Garnier Light. The White & Protects Mosturizer Cream really lighten up the skin, protect from the harsh sun, makes my pores less visible, and it is non-greasy.

2. Well groomed eyebrows: Let's face it, bushy eyebrow is sure a mess to look at. So, always have your eyebrows groomed. Not that wipe if off entirely and paint with a eyebrow liner (this is so not pretty!! trust me.) But just ensure that the unruly eyebrow hair is being plucked thus keeping your eyebrow shape in perfect order. Invest in a good tweezer and an eyebrows comb but please don't use your old toothbrush.

3. Dazzle dazlle wink wink-it's mascara: To make eyes more open and fresh, try to slide on a thin layer of mascara. Two coats the most. For natural looking, try clear mascara. I would suggest the AVON Simply Pretty Mascara. A curly eyelashes always make every girl look like a doll and it really do add sparkles to your eyes.

4. Fresh, natural red lips: This is a sure fire to set a girl looking so amazingly pretty. Try not to lavish too much in lipstick. Lipstick is a temporary mean to have red lips and in the long run it will actually darken the lips. Make sure to scrub gently on your lips to get rid of the dead skin cells. Use a lip balm with SPF20. I would suggest the QV Lip Balm for Dry Skin SPF20 or The Body Shop Vitamin E Lip Balm SPF15. Not only it will mosturise your lips but it ensure your lips are supple and the reddish of your lips is natural looking and long lasting.

So, here are my four basic beauty tips for facial appearance. And remember, apart from all this routine, the most everlasting beauty is the beauty that comes from within.