Thursday, January 20, 2011

In The Maze of the Minds

In the course of my MBA study, I had the chance to sit for the MBTI test. What is MBTI test? It is a short name for Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. MBTI is a set of psychometric questionnaire that assess an individual psychological preferences. There is no right or wrong in the answers. There are 16 types of personalities and by answering the questionnaires, an individual will be able to understand more about oneself. Although there are many free personality test, MBTI is a test that is administered by a certified practitioner. In the MBA program, we've gone through two semester that is using MBTI as a key input. First, in the Organisational Behaviour and second, in the Managerial Effectiveness.

Why understanding personalities is very important? First, in order to understand other, we have to understand oneself first. Second, by understanding what make oneself ticks and what make the other ticks, will eventually bring us to an equilibrium point that will ensure the relationship ( be it working relationship, friendship, personal commitment) is in a constant harmony. And even, if there are glitches, the effect is temporary, as both parties are able to find solution that is working for both parties. It is not only important in maintaining a harmony relationship but it is also a key input in identifying the preferred learning style as well as determining the job that suits you the most. As by identifying what are your preferences, you can actually be in the career that utilize your strengths the most.

This study of temperament is not new, Socrates has studied this thousands of years ago. David Keirsey and other renowned researchers have also popularized the Four Temperaments theory. Florence Littaeur wrote an impressive book titled 'Personality Plus' about the four types of temperament: Choleric, Melancholy, Sanguine, and Phlegmatic.

Retracting to MBTI, The MBTI assists a person to identify the four main areas of preferences: how do you use your energy, how do you acquire information, how do you make decision, and what type of environment do you prefer. If I am to write a lengthy discussion on the steps, I will be writing a literature review altogether :). The information found on this website is a good summation of what MBTI is about and there is a fairly reliable free online test from .

In the real life, there are many conflicts arising from a trivial issue such as misunderstanding each other. There are also cases, where a person who is not in touch with one's own belief system ended being miserable in the entire life by choosing the wrong companion, tied in the wrong job, and worst; thinking that oneself is a damaged good. Thus, understanding what is one's preference style will help in many areas. In some companies, the employees in a work group share their profiling with each other. This will help them to know each other better and therefore work together better.

So, maybe, just maybe, that you are curious about this, just take the free on-line test. Find out about which personality type are you. Embrace the beauty, welcoming the good and the bad together. And don't be shy to share it with others. There is no right or wrong. And certainly, there is no personality type that is superior than the other. It is just who we are, and we will realize that we are complementing each other to make the world a better place.

My Jungian Personality Type is:
"INTJs are introspective, analytical, determined persons with natural leadership ability. Being reserved, they prefer to stay in the background while leading. Strategic, knowledgable and adaptable, INTJs are talented in bringing ideas from conception to reality. They expect perfection from themselves as well as others and are comfortable with the leadership of another so long as they are competent. INTJs can also be described as decisive, open-minded, self-confident, attentive, theoretical and pragmatic."

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Car Battery S.O.S

Wouldn't life would be so much easier if we can predict the lifespan of our car's battery?
I am not too sure how is it with highly sophisticated car, they probably have a light indicator signalling when the battery should be changed.

But what about a normal entry level car? Fortunately, we have a solution and it is very easy as it doesn't require any extra gadget to be installed on the dashboard. I learnt this from experience, and this tried and tested has proven to be of a saviour tonight ( as the car died at the car park).

We can actually rely on the internal digital clock. Since the digital clock is very much dependent on the battery, thus, as the battery weakens, it will also affect the accuracy of the clock. So, let say, the clock is adjusted to be ten minutes early than the exact timing.
As the battery wears off, the clock will regressively be as the same timing as the wristwatch.
For example, in practice, I set my car's digital clock to be 10 minutes early than my wristwatch i.e. 10:10 am on the car's clock, it is 10:00 am on my wristwatch.

Five days back, I noticed that my car's clock is already showing 1 minute late than my wristwatch. Changing the battery earlier is a bit of wasting the resource as the battery is not fully used up, moreover, in this part of the globe, there is yet a structured battery disposal management properly in place. ( Unless there is a planned road trip, then it is wiser to replace the battery with a new set)

When this happens, it is a good thing to start preparing for the moment when the battery will eventually be flat:
1) Ensure there is a jumper in the boot. Make sure a pair of gloves is in there too :)
2) Carry the number of the towing service. For Proton owner, register for the EON members, call the 24/7 emergency number, then they will come to your stranded spot carrying along the replacement battery.
3) And better yet, keep a spare battery in the car boot. ( Make sure one is fully trained to replace this. I remember when my father taught me how to replace car battery, basic engine check, change flat tires before he actually let me drive a car)

It is also a good practice to drive only within the acceptable vicinity. Such as driving along the road that is heavily populated, so we can call for help in case of emergency.

Although the car battery has a lifetime of two years the minimum, we can try our best to prolong the lifespan by practising these simple steps:
1) Try to minimise switching on the radio without starting the engine first
2) Try to minimise using the power window button without starting the engine first
3) On weekends, if the car is in dormant mode, it is advisable to start up the engine and drive the car around the neighbourhood at a constant speed of 40mp/h. This will help the battery to charge up.
4) Clean any acid build up on the battery post using wire brush. ( My father call the brush 'berus sabut')

There must be other tell-tale tips for detecting the deterioration of a car battery but I hope this easy tips could be useful for other female drivers too. And most importantly, whenever on the road, always drive safely. Be defensive yet courteous at the same time. Safe trip each time!